Office in Beverly Hills
Office in Beverly Hills
Office in Beverly Hills
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Home-based businesses
Mobile professionals
Small to Mid-Sized businesses
Los Angeles Virtual Office Space, Los Angeles Virtual Office Suites, Los Angeles executive offices   Match our office rental options to your business needs

With 26 prime locations in 19 cities worldwide, we are one of the global leaders in providing all types of businesses with professional, fully equipped office space for rent. Our sensible pricing, flexible lease terms and simple, one-page agreements make us your only choice for staying agile in a dynamic business environment. Contact us today to learn about our office rental and executive suite options.
Our headquarters, centrally located in the heart of Beverly Hills 90210, Global Business Centers provides over 17,000 square ft. of luxurious executive office and conference room space to our full-time and virtual clients.
Agents and Brokers

Working with GBC is easy
GBC works with corporations trying to eliminate excess space from their property portfolios. As an alternative to traditional practices, we offer a number of creative lease structures. Allow us to share real life examples that offer options to retain ultimate flexibility in your portfolio, while creating revenue on unused space. We continually work with the Fortune 500 as well as medium and small sized companies in this way. Together, we create a business center environment within their property portfolios, allowing them to maximize ultimate control in their real estate holdings. Contact us and we'll discuss options tailored to match your business and property needs.

Close deals fast
GBC deals typically close within days, not months, because clients risk nothing and conserve cash; there is no up-front capital expenditure. They choose the agreement terms, from the location to the amount of space to the length of the contract.

An easy-to-understand, one-page agreement lets clients review and sign the contract on one day and move into the office as soon as they are ready. And, GBC pays agent and broker commissions just as fast.

Let's talk
Look to GBC to deliver in your small commercial-space market (up to 5,000 square feet) and exceed your clients' expectations. Contact us today to refer a client

Office Options

We understand that when your business grows, so do your business needs. When you are ready to make the move to a full time office, Global Business Centers will be here to help you make the transition seamless. Our main facility, centrally located in the heart of Beverly Hills (90210), provides over 17,000 square ft. of luxurious executive office and conference room space to our clients.

Most offices have stunning views of the heart of Beverly Hills, and all of our full time offices include the same services you have come to rely on and love.

  • Flexible lease terms (even Month-to-Month)
  • Offices are 125 sq. ft and up to 800 sq. ft.
  • Conference room usage included with lease
  • Live Receptionist staff to answer your phones with your personalized greeting
  • 24 hour private voicemail access
  • High Speed T1 internet access
  • On site IT managers
  • Full mail service
  • On site secretarial service
  • Fully equipped kitchen with complimentary
    coffee, tea, and water service

Full-time Office
Whether you require a one-person corner office or a 5-person branch office, our 26 business centers around the world allow you to choose a workplace that's attractive, professional and equipped to handle all your business needs, so you can maximize productivity and reduce monthly costs.

Hot Desking
Optimize your workforce and lower costs by rotating your mobile employees among standardized work stations. This unique program reduces the cost per person and increases desk utilization to 100% by placing more than one person at a single desk.

Build your office one workstation at a time with self-contained, dedicated cubicles outfitted with state-of-the art equipment and ergonomic furniture – a cost-effective solution for business professionals who require individual work areas.

Office on Demand
Maximize your productivity by paying only for the office time you use — but enjoy the full benefit of GBC administrative and IT support while you're there. With 80 hours a month of private office time, a part-time office is optimal for professionals who require a local market presence but don’t need a full-time office.

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